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Saying farewell with your heart

Funeral Services


to my website. Adiós con Amor takes care of the organisation and the accompaniment of funerals, based on sensitivity and respect. I offer you the possibility to create a personalised farewell for your loved one, which is so important for your mourning. Surrounding the funeral with love can bring you comfort and inspiration. I will listen to your personal wishes with compassion, considering your ideas  whilst stimulating your own participation, in order to come to a meaningful and satisfying farewell to your beloved one.

Step by step I will accompany you in all the decisions you need to take before the funeral. By bringing structure to the process you will find the necessary calm to make well considered choices. If you like me to write down your last wishes about the funeral, then I can visit you.

I collaborate with local crematoriums and mortuaries. You are free to choose the undertaker you wish regardless of whether you have insurance cover or not. 



Adiós con Amor 

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