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Saying farewell with your heart

Funeral Services

The loss of a child

There is no stronger relationship than that between a parent and a child. When you lose your child, you lose a part of yourself. The final thing you can do for your child and especially for yourself is to create a warm goodbye from your heart, which is so important for your mourning. With love and respect I will guide you step by step in the creation of this emotional memory.

Take all the time you need to photograph or record as many moments as possible during the farewell and the ceremony. You can never have too many memories.

There are lots of possibilities to create a warm and tender goodbye, especially to a child. If there are younger brothers and sisters left behind it is a good thing to let them decide in which way they wish to be involved in bidding farewell to their sibling.

Children, no matter how young they are, have their questions about death. As much as we wish, we cannot protect them from loss. If we try to involve them in the ceremony in a natural way, they will be able to process their grief in a better way,  and will not get trapped in a trauma. In the presence of children saying 'goodbye' feels lighter.

Adiós con Amor 

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