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Saying farewell with your heart

Funeral Services

The funeral ceremony

Each person, and therefore each funeral, is unique. Organising a funeral means working extremely delicately with head, heart and hands. Only by empathising with the family I can discover their needs and wishes, and create a warm and respectful goodbye. At the funeral ceremony I am responsible for accompanying the family in a discrete way, making sure that everything is well structured, but spontaneous, down to the last detail.


Grief does not start only after a funeral; sometimes it starts long before when a person is incurably ill. In any case it starts with saying 'goodbye' to your loved one. The sooner you deal with the pain of your loss, the better you are processing the loss. Not dealing with your feelings is not helping you. On the contrary, it keeps you from grieving and getting on with your new life.  I will assist you in a way that enables you to cherish good memories for the future. Participating in the funeral ceremony yourself is an important first step in the grieving process.

Adiós con Amor 

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