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Saying farewell with your heart

Funeral Services

The mourning process

Grief is a normal reaction to loss. Every day you realise more and more that you have lost your loved one and that life will never be the same. The awareness of this irreversible change is accompanied by all kinds of emotions like sorrow, anger, fear, blame or confusion. Mourning needs time, and everyone goes through it in her/his own way.
The first step in grief is accepting it. Therefore, it is important not to suppress your feelings. Experiencing all the emotions is essential in your grief. Slowly but surely you will adapt yourself to the changes in your life, now that your loved one is not with you any longer. You will  emotionally come to terms with your loss, and finally continue with your new life. This does not mean you have forgotten your loved one!

If you feel the need to talk about your feelings with fellow grievers I offer you free participation in support groups, which I organise and accompany. For more information please contact me on 661 100 390.

Sometimes the grieving leads to physical or psychological problems. In that case you may consider asking for help. I can recommend you a specialised therapist on the Costa Blanca.

Adiós con Amor 

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