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Funeral Services

Saying farewell with your heart

What to do?

As soon as your loved one has passed away I recommend you call me; I am available 24 hours. I then come straight to your home. If you wish I can call your GP for you, who has to fill in and sign the death certificate which I carry.

First, you and I give a moment´s thought to this sad and emotional moment, after which we discuss the last care of the deceased and to which Mortuary you want your loved one to be taken.  I will discuss all necessary decisions with you, respecting your wishes.


If the person passes away in hospital, please call me immediately to assist you before others are taking decisions on your behalf. I can visit you every day prior to the funeral to jointly plan a dignified ceremony. I will take the administrative burden off your shoulders so that you yourself can fully on a warm, respectful and precious farewell. Later on you will draw comfort from this, and a loving farewell will remain in your memory.

Adiós con Amor 

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