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Funeral Services

Saying farewell with your heart

About me


I am Jet van der Heijden, and I was born in The Netherlands in 1961.


The death of my little son Robin (2002) has made me aware of the ephemeral nature of life. I have also learned that it is not the time one spends on earth but the impression one leaves behind in other hearts what counts. Being conscious about death makes me appreciate and enjoy life more. Thanks to Robin I have experienced the unconditional love of being a mother, the very vulnerability of a mother, and the immense power inside of me to survive this enormous loss.

The possibility to create the farewell from my heart was balm for my wounds, and helped me so much in my mourning.  I will always remember the funeral with a warm feeling. Robin also gave me a new mission - to help others in a simular situation. That is how Adiós con Amor funeral services was born.

Adiós con Amor 

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